Go the Extra Mile: 4 Things That Will Make You “Boyfriend Material”

boyfriend material checklist

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Andraea Campbell. She offers a complete boyfriend material checklist.

Many women dating a guy are looking for signs he’s boyfriend material. A modern lady has exceptionally high standards, and this refined taste is not without good reason. Appealing to the desires of the 21st century woman requires true dedication. Even though there’s no official boyfriend material checklist, a guy must showcase a well-rounded demeanor with positive characteristics visible from every angle. Here are the primary traits of a man who’s definitely boyfriend material.


A man must always be forthright with a woman he hopes to start a relationship with. Open communication is a key element for any guy to be promoted to boyfriend status. Honesty is necessary at all times. A lack of trust equals zero potential for a lasting relationship. Bending the truth is not permitted between stable couples. Consistent sincerity demonstrates unconditional caring, which instantly elevates a guy’s potential for extended partnerships.


A willingness to listen is important, but it needs to be combined with empathetic understanding—don’t just listen to what she is saying. Intuitive receptivity is a vital characteristic for any lasting boyfriend. An emotional connection is also necessary, and this deep level of affection cannot be faked. Becoming viable boyfriend material demands an intensive investment in a woman’s well-being. If a man displays an uncanny ability to resolve her emotional qualms, then he truly is a keeper.


Sheer attraction is worthless without initiative. When a guy is unable to showcase regard for the future, he limits himself to being nothing more than a fling. A goal-oriented attitude can lead to serious relationships. The ability to achieve aspirations illustrates astute dedication, which is another favorable aspect to flaunt. Planning ahead invites a lady to look forward too, so talk about the future with her (the near future, don’t start talking marriage and babies) . Instilling notions of long-term success will facilitate a progressive union between two people that are capable of steady commitment.


Idealistically, a man should posses the aforementioned qualities, and he should look perfectly suave at the same time. Designer clothing can help make a guy worth keeping around. To manifest distinct originality, savvy men know how to make even casual clothing look good. Designer clothes are nice, but upscale t-shirts and hoodies can still get you the right kind of attention. To dress up your casual style, try www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/Bellfield-Designer-Clothing.html for a wide variety of boyfriend-worthy items.

With delicate tact, any man can transform himself from casual acquaintance into boyfriend material. By adhering to this fine-tuned method, guys can instantly become enticingly eligible bachelors. It takes a lot of resolve to be a woman’s compatible significant other, but this boyfriend material checklist can streamline the process of being upgraded to BF status.

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