Completely Wrong Reasons to Get Married: When to Say “I Don’t”

wrong reasons to get married

Millions of people get married for the wrong reasons. Before you step out into that aisle, make sure this is the right thing to do. For some women, marriage all they can think of. Others can’t stand the whole idea of marriage. It’s a matter of personal choice. However, it doesn’t mean that you should do it just because others have done it or because you’re at that age. There are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t get married.

According to video blogger Emily Hartridge, marriage won’t complete you as a person. The act of getting married gives your partner the right to boss you around. Additionally, you’ll have to do lots of house chores that you aren’t normally responsible for. Many married couples are dissatisfied sexually and fight quite often. There’s nothing wrong with being single. It’s better to live alone for the rest of your life than spending your time with the wrong person. Whatever you choose, don’t sell yourself short.

Here are some completely wrong reasons to get married:

You Hit Your Magic Number

Many men and women get married just because they feel the clock is ticking. If you still believe that age matters, then you’re not a grownup yet. Getting married just because “you’re at that age” will lead to a life of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Commitment isn’t about a timeline. Learn to be happy with yourself and stop searching for Mr. Right. Relax and let things come naturally. You can never know what could happen.

You Seek Financial Security

While it’s true that paying bills and managing debt by yourself can be difficult, this is not a reason to get married. Many women do this step just because they’re looking for financial stability. Some are so desperate to find a wealthy guy that they sell themselves on mail-order bride sites. This kind of relationship will never work on long term.

A woman who gets married for money will always have to make compromises to please her partner and stop him from leaving her. There are no guarantees that bank accounts will stay filled. Do you really want to give up your freedom for a guy?

You Want Children

Girls, you really don’t need a man in your life to have children with. A child is one of the worst reasons to get married. If you really want a baby, you can always have one without putting a ring on your finger – just find a smart guy, have sex with him, and move on. Or you can adopt a baby, which is even better. Raise your child the way you want. It’s nothing wrong for a couple to get married because they’re expecting a baby – but you shouldn’t do it just because you want a kid. Analyze your feelings, weigh the pros and cons, and then take a decision.

You’re Afraid to Be Alone

Why on earth are you afraid to be alone? Being single is so cool! You can go wherever you want, do whatever comes into mind, and make your own decisions. Do you know how many people get married just because they’re afraid they will have to spend their life alone? This is one of the worst reasons to get married.

Would you prefer a possessive partner who criticizes you and wants to know everything you do? Embrace your freedom and be happy! Many women who are stuck in a bad marriage would do anything to switch places with you.

You Want a Big, Beautiful Wedding

Wake up! You’re not a princess living in a castle and waiting for Price Charming to take her to the aisle. A beautiful wedding means nothing. A white, gorgeous bridal dress is meaningless. If this is why you want to get married, give up and move on. Instead, why not watch a few episodes of Bridezilla to see how much stress and negative feelings you may experience as a future bride?

Sexual Attraction

Is sexual attraction the only reason why you want to get married? Forget about it! Too may people confuse sexual attraction with love. Sexual attraction is great, but it doesn’t last more than a few months or years. When it goes away, if there’s no mutual trust and genuine feelings, the marriage fades as well.

He’s a Good Guy

Finding Mr. Right can be long, challenging process. So when you do come across a decent guy, you may feel tempted to take him off the market. Well, you’re wrong. It’s not enough to find a good guy in order to get married. If you want a happy, lasting relationship, choose a man who’s compatible with you and shares your interests. Your partner should be right for you, not for everyone else.

You’ve Been Dating Forever

Just because you’ve been dating someone for a long time, it doesn’t mean that you should marry him/her. Somewhere in your subconscious there are valid issues that are keeping you from doing this step. Let face it: why haven’t you done it earlier? Don’t get married unless you’re 100% sure that this is the right thing to do.

Family Pressure

You should never get married because other people think it’s a good idea. When you reach 25 or 30, your family and friends will start asking you obsessively: “Aren’t you going to get married? How long are you going to wait? The clock is ticking, so something about…” In this situation, you can easily begin to mistrust your own feelings and do the wrong thing. Focus on what you need and ignore others. No one knows what’s best for you. Following the norm is not a solution.

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