Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex

dating your friends ex

Dating your best friend’s ex might turn out pretty tricky. It can be your chance of living a wonderful romance or it can ruin a beautiful friendship and be a total disaster for all those involved.

Is Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex Permitted?

You know what it says: in love and war, everything is allowed. Nobody can stop you to date your friend’s ex, but you must give it some thought in order not to do something stupid. Only go for it if you are sure that she might be the one for you. It is best to discuss the situation with your friend and to find out how he feels about this. Don’t only trust his words, but also check his body language. You probably don’t want to hurt him in any way, so weigh the pros and cons of dating your best friend’s ex before taking the final decision.

Pros of Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex Girlfriend

  • You probably know her for a while and you also know how she’s like. You have higher chances to have a successful relationship.
  • If they had a short and not very meaningful relationship, they weren’t probably deeply in love. Being interested in you now might mean that she noticed you earlier and she realized she made a mistake dating your friend.
  • This is very unlikely, but still possible: maybe she dated him just to get to you and you can make a perfect couple. This however, is not a fair behavior of hers, so take this into consideration also.

Cons of Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex

  • If they were involved in a long relationship, they might still have feelings for each others.
  • Your friend might not approve of your intentions and you have to choose what matters most for you: his friendship or a chance with the girl he used to date.
  • Dating your best friend’s ex might put all three of you and also other common friends in very awkward and embarrassing situations. Some people might even believe that you have stolen her from him.
  • Pay great attention to dating your best friend’s ex because there are chances that she is using you in order to get back with him or to pay him back.
  • Your friend might have told you things about her and the least pleasant ones might influence the way you think about her. You might start the relationship with misconceptions about her.

These are just some of the things that need to be considered before taking such an important decision as dating your best friend’s ex girlfriend. Finally, the decision only belongs to you and it is also influenced by particularities of the situation you three are in.

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