Five Best ways to Propose a Girl

best ways to propose a girl

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kate Lawson. Her article describes the best and most creative ways to propose a girl.

Every girl dreams of a perfect proposal. It is a special occasion for both of you for it represents the start of something new. You as the man wouldn’t want to do a shoddy job when it comes to proposing the woman of your dreams. Over the years people have gotten creative when it comes to proposing. The following are some of best ways to propose a girl without the risk of coming out as too cliché.

Propose Her Over the Radio

Call her favorite radio station during that favorite show you know she cannot afford to miss. You have to make sure that she is listening then. It’s clearly up to you to decide what you will say over the radio. But make sure that it is something sweet and memorable. You can dedicate a song for her that is special to the two of you. Ask her on air is she will marry you. She can either call in the radio with her answer or call you personally. Many girls would love a man who has the guts to propose to them on air with thousands of people listening.

Say It with a Crossword Puzzle

Many people like filling out crossword puzzles. It is relaxing and improves your brain power. If you know your woman is an avid fan of crosswords, create your own puzzle. It is quite easy to do this. The clues can be something relating to your relationship. In one of the clues have something that hints to a marriage proposal. This is a very sweet and flattering way of proposing especially if you are operating on a low budget.

Slip the Ring When She’s Asleep

If you really want to surprise her, then this proposal will be perfect. Slip the ring on her finger when she is asleep. Then wake her up with champagne and maybe strawberries. She will think that you are just being romantic until she sees the ring on her finger. From there you can ask her on bended knees to marry you.

Propose on a Special Day

By special day I don’t mean Valentine’s Day. Many people actually propose during Valentine’s Day. Pick a day that is special to her or to both of you. It can be Christmas, your anniversary, her birthday or even the day you started dating officially.

Movie Theater Proposal

This is no doubt one of the sweetest and romantic ways you can ever propose to your girl. Take her out for a movie. Liaise with the theater management to have the proposal message on the screen right before the movie starts or after it ends; your choice. Your girl will be so surprised when she reads the message and sees you on bended knees.

This way of proposing might be a bit expensive but it is most creative. The audience will also be enchanted by your gesture, making you join the “sweet and romantic boyfriends club”. I don’t think any girl can say no to this kind of proposal. This is one of the most original ways to propose a girl.

Author Box: All the above mentioned ideas are unique and surprising to your girl. If you are away from her and want to propose, just write a letter along with a nice gift packed in parcel and send her. For this just contact Fedex or any other service.

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