How to Deal with a Break Up and Get Your Life Back on Track


You are not the first or the last person that goes through the terrible sufferings caused by your boyfriend breaking up with you. You might think that you are alone in the world and that nobody has ever felt like this before, but the truth is that people suffer out of love every day. No one denies that a break-up is tough. No more kissing games, no more love words, no more beautiful moments spend together.

It might be easy to survive this break up if you understand what you are going through and you look for solutions to get over each phase of the break-up. Keep your head on your shoulders and read the rest without getting angry and saying it isn’t so. Here are a few simple tips on how to deal with a break up:

Accepts the Facts

A break-up implies the fact that you lose a loved person. The first thing that will cross your mind is that this isn’t happening. It’s all a bad dream. Unfortunately, it isn’t. It’s the reality and you have to deal with it, as hard as it might be. Denying it will only prolong your suffering. He won’t call and he won’t come begging to accept him back, no matter how hard you hope.

GDFF search300x250 anim How to Deal with a Break Up and Get Your Life Back on Track How to Deal with a Break Up and Get Your Life Back on Track

Once you get out of denial you might start wondering if there’s something you can do to have him back. You start thinking that you can change in order to please him. This is a very unhealthy attitude for you. Don’t make the mistake of calling him saying that you are going to change or to leave him love messages. He will think you are pathetic. If you are aware of that, you will sure feel heartbroken. It’s normal to feel like this, because after all you suffered a loss.
 How to Deal with a Break Up and Get Your Life Back on Track

Don’t torture yourself thinking about him all the time and imagining that your life is never going to be happy anymore. Try to go on with your life and to find activities that you like to snap out of this phase.

Stop Blaming Yourself

In a while you will also be done with pitying yourself. It might seem impossible, but it will happen. Make sure than when it does, you won’t start blaming yourself for everything that went wrong. Don’t blame him either. It wouldn’t help you in any way.

What’s done is done and the reality is that such things happen: people break up all the time because they are not right for each other not because one of them is to blame. This also means that there is no reason for you to be depressed. Since it wasn’t anyone’s fault, you have no reason to consider yourself a person that doesn’t deserve to be loved.

Overcome Anger

At some point, after going through all the phases mentioned above, you will feel angry. You might think that this is not fair and you weren’t treated right. Anger is normal, but do an effort to snap out of it too because it’s no good for you.

It’s a sure thing that sooner or later you will accept things, you will realize that your break up was probably the only reasonable thing to do and you’ll be just fine without him. When this happens, the recovery process is over. Your life is going to be as good as it used to be or even better. You might even consider casual dating until you find someone right for you.

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