How to Let Go of a Past Relationship and Move On

let go of a past relationship

Are you still stuck on your ex and don’t know how to move on? Why is letting go of past relationships so hard? If you’re stuck in an emotional tie that is holding you back, it’s time to set yourself free. Many great relationships are ruined because one or both partners are unaware that they bring a backlog of fears and bad memories from their past into present interactions. You may find yourself unable to get close to a new partner just because you keep comparing him or her with your ex.

Here are some tips on how to let go of a past relationship and move on:

Is Your Past Relationship Holding You Back?

When a relationship is over, it’s time to let go. If you keep thinking about your ex and the time you’ve spent together, you won’t be able to accept a new partner into your life. Any past relationship is likely to leave you feeling angry, bitter, or just incredibly sad. The only way to overcome this problem is to cut ties with your ex, change your mindset, and get a fresh start.

Reluctance to let go of past relationships is a sign of unexpressed feelings. You might need to face these feelings once again in order to get over your ex. For example, you may still have something to tell your ex – it could be something related to your breakup or your past relationship. Deep inside, you want him/her to know those things even if you’re not a couple anymore. If this is the case, then do it. Otherwise, you’ll keep thinking about it over and over again.

relationship quotes 300x199 How to Let Go of a Past Relationship and Move On

Anger, sadness, and regret are natural components of the grieving process. Embrace your feelings instead of suppressing them. Do not stay in touch with your ex during the healing phase. If you can’t let go of past relationships, you might put your ex on a pedestal that they don’t deserve to be on. Most people overemphasize the importance of their past relationships, which stops them from opening their heart to new love, to someone they truly can be happy with.

Cutting the Cords to Past Relationships

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. You’ll never forget someone who was part of your life. Also, letting go doesn’t mean that you have failed or that your ex is any less important to you. It’s just a process that you need to go through in order to move on and accept new people into your life. Acceptance is the first step to setting yourself free. Stop comparing others with your ex. You can’t embrace the future while clinging to the past.

When you let go of a past relationship, you are able to emotionally reconnect with yourself. The emotional clarity will help you decide what to do next. While getting back into the game of dating after a long term relationship may seem frightening, it also serves the purpose of meeting new people. Don’t feel guilty about ending the relationship. Find pleasure in social interactions and focus on your needs. Don’t let old feelings from a past relationship spook your current one.

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