4 Powerful Seduction Tips That Never Fail

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Russian Fan. He talks about the best seduction tips for men and women.

When it comes to seducing the person that you like, there are many things that you can do to improve your chances of a successful outcome. While most of these things are considered to be common sense, not all of them are. Further, in order to ensure that you are successful, it is also important make sure that you practice before hand; to make sure that you make no mistakes at the most inopportune moments.  So what are the tips on how to seduce the person you like?

All that simple, the following is a list of the most common things that you can do in order to seduce the person that you like the most. Read further to find out four powerful seduction tips that never fail:


Flirting is the most obvious and time-tested way of seducing someone else. The whole concept of flirting is about making the other person feel as if they are floating on air and worth a million dollars. It comes down to making that special someone feel good about themselves that they just naturally want to be around you.

Flirting is not just about body language, is also about what you say. In order to flirt properly, you have to start with eye contact and of course a heartwarming smile. A subtle touch, warm smile and the appropriate body language is the perfect precursor to flirting. Once you have realized that the other person is interested, follow up with a simple compliment.


For both men and women, confidence is considered one of the sexiest attribute set anyone can possess. Studies have shown that most people are drawn naturally to those who are confident. When you are happy with who you are, what you look like, what you do and how you are dressed, that confidence alone is enough to seduce anyone.

Do not be afraid of standing out in the crowd. Go out and meet new people without worrying or caring what they may say or think of you. This is what confidence is all about. When you are able to successfully stand out in a crowd, any person will want to be standing right beside you.


If you do not acknowledge the other person, how are they to ever know what you truly want? When it comes to seducing someone else, flirting is a great way to get things going. The flirting is not a form of acknowledgment. You need to do something or say something which demonstrates that you are interested in the other person; not just in a sexual manner.

It is important make sure that you are not too overt, and that at the same time too secretive. If that other person does not know that you are interested in them, then they will turn their attention elsewhere. Acknowledgment is an important part of seducing someone else.


It is important that you are never desperate when you are trying to make yourself attractive to other people. All too often, people chase the opposite sex to hard which results in them appearing overly desperate.

In seducing someone else, it is not about you chasing them, but about making them want to chase you. You cannot do this if you are desperate. This means not going over the top and wearing things that are uncomfortable. It also means not getting into conversations with someone else on topics that you have absolutely no idea about. Your goal when it comes to seducing someone else is to make them want to chase you.

Author Box: Russian Fan is the blog editor of http://www.russia-girls.net. He is an advocate for dating and strives to promote a message of positive online dating.

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