10 Signs You Are Ready to Move On

Signs you are ready to move on

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Sam Chapman.

When any relationship breaks down there’s a natural grieving process and a period of time best used for coming to terms with it. You will feel all sorts of emotions during this period and will probably rely on your friends heavily to help get you through. Eventually you will come out the other side ready to move on with your life and start a new relationship but how do you know when y you’ve reached that point? This article examines the 10 signs you are ready to move on.

  • The urge for you to get in touch via phone, text or online is no longer there. After a breakup it’s natural to want to try to connect with your ex in the hope of rekindling the spark. An important part of the process is keeping your distance and eventually you won’t want to get in touch any more. This is simply because you have other interests in your life and they are no longer your number one priority.
  • The most difficult emotion for many to deal with is the idea of seeing your ex with somebody else. If you no longer get that gut wrenching feeling every time you imagine your ex spending time or being intimate with someone else then you’re well on your way to getting over them. If you can find it within yourself to be happy for them when your ex moves on then you’ve really made it!
  • You’ll know you’re ready to move on when you find an interest in dating again. After a break up the last thing on your mind is flirting and chatting with other guys or girls but if you find yourself showing an interest then you’re on the right track.
  • Over time you’ll start to see your ex’s ‘quirks’ for what they really are – frustrating and annoying. When you’re in love with someone you brush over all the little things and put them to one side but once you’re over your ex you’ll see just how annoying the really are!
  • If you can look back on your relationship with a little perspective and appreciate the good and bad that’s a sure sign that you’re ready to move on. In the past you may have been emotionally biased but no more. It’s important to reflect on a relationship and figure out what worked, what didn’t and the reasons why. You can then use this new found knowledge to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again.
  • At some point you will realize that allocating blame will get you nowhere and leave that strategy behind. The relationship is over so to some extent it doesn’t matter who did what as long as you learn from it. If you continue to lay the blame entirely at the feet of your ex then that’s not a good place to be. That’s rarely the case.
  • Once you start dating you’ll soon realize you have no interest in talking about your ex. That’s because you’re over him or her! You focus will be on your new partner exclusively – the way it should be.
  • Once you start to make plans as a single person you’re really out of the woods. There’s no moaning about all the stuff you used to do together as a couple. You’ll have found new interests and enjoy doing them on your own or with friends.
  • You just know in your heart of hearts it was never going to work.
  • You can’t remember his or her middle name or phone number – well done you did it. You’re ready to move on!

Author Box: Sam Chapman is an expert relationship blogger writing for both http://www.top-10-dating-reviews.com and http://www.local-sex-search.com. For up to date dating info and tips follow @Top10DatingUK.

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