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Five Best ways to Propose a Girl

best ways to propose a girl

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kate Lawson. Her article describes the best and most creative ways to propose a girl. Every girl dreams of a perfect proposal. It is a special occasion for both of you for it represents the start of something new. You as the man wouldn’t want to do [...]

Beyond the Stereotypes: Dating Latin Women

dating latin women

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Miranda Santiago. I have to laugh every time I see these articles on the internet written about “How to Date Latin Women”, or “How to Lure Latinas into Bed”, or “Tips on Dating Latin Women and Men”—you get the idea. These posts are always written so definitively, [...]

Chutes and Ladders of Love (Dating Infographic)

dating infographic

Editor’s note: This dating infographic is provided by mobistealth. Would you bet your relationship against a game of Chutes and Ladders? Can you see your relationship play out on a board of the same? Love is a tricky little thing. It makes us crazy… and tends to take the normal in our lives and turn it [...]

What He REALLY Wants (But Would NEVER Tell You)

what men want

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by TW Jackson discussing what men want in relationships and other aspects related to their love life. You probably already know that your man wants a supremely confident woman. And chances are, you know the things that energize and excite you, and you are following your dreams. That’s [...]

How Do Open Relationships Work?


We live in a society that is more sexually liberated than ever before. Many couples would like to know how do open relationships work. The main obstacle to creating a successful open relationship is jealousy. Honesty, security, and communication must be involved. An open relationship can work with the right people. What Is an Open [...]

7 Warning Signs of a Possessive Boyfriend

signs-of-a-possessive boyfriend

Dealing with a possessive boyfriend can be quite challenging. A man who is too possessive and wants to take control over you can compromise your ability to interact with your friends and family members. Women tend to believe that the men they like are just showing their love and affection. However, sometimes their so-called loving [...]

What Details Should I Add To A Dating Profile To Help Find A Partner?

meet singles online

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Phern Whitley. His post outlines that the best dating websites give you the opportunity to meet singles online. Here are some tips on how create a successful dating profile. Dating websites are all the rage in this day and age. Many people choose to use their computers as [...]

Greatest Love Stories: Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of All Time

Couple Kissing During Movie

If you are a hopeless romantic and you have just met that special someone, you might need some advice in what concerns things you can do together. One of the best first date ideas is to go see a romantic movie together. It is perfect to be seen with your date when you relationship just [...]

10 Simple Ways to Show Your Love

ways to show your love

In every relationship, no matter for how long you have been involved in it, it is important to show your love. You might know that you love your partner, but unless you show it to him every once in a while, he might start having doubts. Many relationships have failed simply because the two partners, [...]

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