10 Types of Men Who Will Break Your Heart

types of men to avoid

Types of Men to Avoid

At first glance, he seems the perfect guy. He sweeps you off your cynical feet with nice words, roses, and thoughtful gestures. He tells you to trust him because he is different. You almost believe him and start making future plans. But before you start taking him seriously, stop! He could be one of those men that women should avoid.

No man or woman represents an entire gender. While the guy you are dating might be the right one for you, he may not be Mr. Right for other women. However, there are a few things that you should consider before giving him your heart. Here are 10 types of men to avoid dating:

The Naive Romantic

This guy believes that every woman he dates is his soul mate. While most women love to hear that they are special, some of them prefer to date men with a more realistic perception and a little bit more experience with the opposite sex. This type of man wants to talk about his feelings and your feelings all the time. You might want to find someone who is more practical and down-to-earth.

The Eternal Victim

This type of man is constantly facing some sort of traumatic experience whether true, self-inflicted or false. He almost always attributes blame to others and feels that someone must be guilty. This guy will see only the bad side in everything you do or say. He will never be satisfied with your actions. While you might feel attracted to him at first, you will eventually become a victim. This guy will blame you for everything that goes wrong in his life.

The Misogynist

The misogynist perceives women as being sexual objects. He is extremely possessive and always wants to know where you are. This guy makes fun of you and calls you names. He embarrasses you in public and constantly cuts down your family and friends. He makes bad jokes and then ridicules you for being upset.

This type of man has extreme mood swings and blames others for his behavior. His underlying feelings of superiority over women are constant barriers to commitment and intimacy.

 10 Types of Men Who Will Break Your Heart

The Selfish Man

A selfish man is dedicated to all pleasures the world can offer him. His quest to fulfill his own needs will dictate every aspect of your relationship.

He is the type of guy who spends the day hanging out with his friends or doing anything else other than spending time with you while you are working hard to fulfill his needs. This type of man will never assist you with your chores or help you overcome everyday problems.

The Possessive Man

Possessive men are extremely jealous and aggressive. They always want to know where their spouses have been and why they are late coming home. You can read more about dealing with a possessive boyfriend here.

Sometimes women confuse possessiveness with loving gestures. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can do.

If your boyfriend tells you to call him when you return from work, shopping or any other place you go without him, then he might be too possessive. He will start making up stories about your family and friends, stalk you, and claim to have no friends except you.

This is manipulative behavior at its devious best. A possessive man will always point out that your pants are too tight, your dress too short, or your blouse too low-cut.

The Needy Guy

This guy is overly emotional and insecure. He needs constant reassurance about his work and relationships. The Needy Guy will leave you as soon as someone tells him that you might not be the right one for him. Most women are looking for men who are confident and independent. They want a strong partner they can lean on. Unless you have a dominant personality, you should not enter a long term relationship with this kind of guy.

Mr. Perennial Bachelor

This guy is smart, attractive, successful, and polite. It’s hard to believe that some woman hasn’t walked him down the aisle long ago. If you ask why he is still single, he will tell you that he just hasn’t found Mrs. Right yet.

Don’t let yourself be fooled into believing that you are his soul mate. This guy doesn’t have true feelings for any woman out there! If you’re looking for affair, he is your guy. But if you want a long tem relationship, then you should stay away from him.

The Cheater

This type of guy will cheat on you, no matter what. He just feels the need to do it. The Cheater cares about his family, but he can’t stop cheating on his spouse. Everywhere he looks, he sees gorgeous women that turn him on. If he feels guilty, he will probably buy you something nice.

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The Cheapskate

There is nothing wrong with a guy shopping for the best deal and managing his money responsibly. If your boyfriend calculates grocery costs to the penny and only takes you out during happy hour, then he’s cheap.

This kind of guy wants you to pay for the date, whether or not he invited you. He asks you to meet him somewhere because he doesn’t want to waste gas money picking you up. If the two of you are ever homeless, this guy will be a real asset to have around.

The Mama’s Boy

This guy probably still lives with his parents in their house. He must always have a woman in his life. He is a little insecure and has a difficult time taking decisions on his own.

This type of man refuses to move out of mom’s house and starts every sentence with “well, my mom says.” The way he interacts with his mom gives you the chills. The worst is that he tells her everything, including how much is in your bank account or how many times you went shopping this season.

Men can exhibit these tendencies to varying degrees. They can be more than one of these “types.” If you meet someone special, check him twice. Every relationship seems perfect at the beginning. If you want happiness for a lifetime, be careful to whom you give your heart.

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